Introducing Hyperhost

January 2, 2017

Today, we’re excited to announce Hyperhost. Hyperhost offers a fully managed WordPress solution. We make sure you will never have to worry about keeping your websites up and running. We provide the best technology-stack currently available and we take care of server-updates, security patches, software updates and install SSL certificates for you. And using our pro-active monitoring system we will take action before things might go wrong.

Using our control panel you can manage your WordPress websites without any technical knowledge. Need to add an extra domain name? No problem. Of course you need a SSL certificate – we got you covered: just go to and the certificate will be there.

And the best of all? Every website gets deployed to an own VPS. This means that every website will be lightning fast and super secure. Also, we don’t work with contracts (you can spin up and delete a website any time) and you only pay for what you use. Need to spin up a website for just one day? You only pay for that day. No worries.

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