Introducing Hyperhost

Using Hyperhost you can give your clients the best webhosting there is. We’ve built a control panel where you can manage all of your websites without any technical knowledge.

Every website gets deployed to an own server (VPS). This makes websites lightning fast (which yields a better search engine ranking and boosts conversions) and super secure.

And best of all? The server is fully managed. We take care of keeping the server online, creating backups, SSL certificate renewals and a lot more.

You never have to worry about the webhosting ever again.

How does it work?

After logging in to our control panel you’re able to create a new WordPress website. To deliver the fastest and most secure websites every website gets deployed to an own server (VPS). Using the wizard you can decide the size and location of the VPS. You select the domain name, choose whether or not you to pre-install WordPress and provide a WordPress login if you chose to pre-install it. Your website is now created in the background. Only a few minutes later you will receive an email stating that your WordPress website is ready to use.

Via our control panel you can further manage SFTP users, extra domains, SSL and you will find access to PHPMyAdmin.

Why Hyperhost is better than traditional hosting

  • Lighting fast

    Every website runs on its own – for WordPress optimised – server (VPS). All our servers use cutting-edge technologies like HTTP/2 and PHP 7 to serve websites as fast as possible.

  • Free SSL certificates

    With only one simple click on a button you can install SSL certificates for free on every website you create. SSL certificates are auto-renewed so never worry about using an invalid SSL certificate.

  • Daily backups

    Every Hyperhost website is backed up daily (automatically, off-site). And whenever you need, you can restore a backup with just one single click.

  • Fully managed

    All our servers are fully managed. This means that we will install updates, security patches, fixes, etc. Also we’re proactively monitoring our servers, so we will take action before things might go wrong.

  • Staging and production

    For every website you create a staging and production environment gets setup automatically. Ready to push staging to production? Just push the button and we’ll do the rest.

  • Pre-installed WordPress

    We will (optionally) pre-install WordPress on every new website you will create. No more time wasted downloading and uploading WordPress to the server.

  • Secure FTP

    Create as many SFTP accounts as you would like. It only takes a few seconds to add another account and you can manage everything from our control panel.

  • No contracts

    We use hourly billing, so you only pay for what you use! Just need a website for a day? No problem, we charge by the hour so you will never pay too much anymore.

  • 3rd party integrations

    We make use of the best 3rd parties currently available. For example: SenGrid for sending emails and LetsEncrypt for automatically installing SSL certificates.

Sign up for a free 7-day trial period

Are you curious how fast your website can be? Fill in your email address and get started with a completely free 7-day trial period.

We’ve never been more happy with our WordPress webhosting. Our websites became so much faster since moving them to Hyperhost. Also conversion-rates started to boost and never having to worry about hosting details brings us a lot of piece of mind.

Frank Spin – ReloadSEO

Welcome to Hyperhost!

To create your account we only need the name of your company and you need to set a password to access your account.

After that, you will be redirected to the Hyperhost control panel.